commercial chamber open the doors to any normal person  has a commercial . industrial  activity  and was registrated  in  trade record where  this registrationg gives you the ability of :

  • getting a legal and technical consultation which is specific in industrial and commercial domain
  • Reduction for 50 % with insurance company 1
  • Getting the full  commercial information. From the algerian chamber  to its operators by E-MAIL
  • Inform the commercial operators about all the scholar days and salons inside or outside of algeria

Take all you feedbacks and obsticals in the eye of considiration  from  the chamber’s reprasnting in angemcommitees following meetings:

  1. Local committees such as ANGEM
  2. The selection committee and the dependence of the national insurance fund for unemployment CNAC
  3. the state Tax Directorate committee cnac1
  4. state committee to help determine the location and promotion of investment and property settings CALPIREF

Therefore you can benefit from its help in settlement disputes with committees

Support your thoughts in investing’s domain and help you in achieving your projects