Ouargla or Warqla Arabic: ولاية ورقلة‎‎ is a province (wilaya) in eastern Algeria. Its capital is Ouargla. Other localities include Touggourt, and Hassi Messaoud. It contains the Issaouane Erg desert.h11010


In the past Ouargla was the center of trading of gold and slaves, as well as being an important center of Ibadi Islam. However, the Ibadis have left for the M’zab valley.

Administrative divisions

The province is divided into 10 districts (daïras), which are further divided into 21 communes or municipalities.


  1. El Borma
  2. El Hadjira
  3. Hassi Messaoud
  4. Mégarinelac-2
  5. N’Goussa
  6. Ouargla
  7. Sidi Khouiled
  8. Taïbet
  9. Témacine
  10. Touggourt


  1. Ain Beida
  2. Balidat Ameur
  3. Benaceur
  4. El Allia
  5. El Borma
  6. El Hadjira
  7. Hassi Ben Abdellah
  8. Hassi Messaoud
  9. Mégarine
  10. M’Naguer
  11. Nezla
  12. N’Goussa309735276
  13. Ouargla
  14. Rouissat
  15. Sidi Khouiled
  16. Sidi Slimane
  17. Taïbet
  18. Témacine
  19. Tebesbest
  20. Touggourt
  21. Zaouia El Abidia


The region lies within the Algerian Triassic Sedimentary basin containing numerous oil and gas fields, including the Alrar gas field. Production is from Triassic sandstones with Andesitic seals and the Gothlandian shale as a source rock. Major fields include the Hassi R’Mel gas field, Haoud-Berkaolu, Ben-Kahla, and the Guellala.