Commerce and Industry chamber of oasis has administrative consultative tasks and economic expansion

it is responsible in :

  1. Consultation : commerce and Industry chamber  of oasis  gives its opinion in the cases which are one of its Validities
  2. media :commerce and Industry chamber of oasis publish the economic information came from local and no-local enterprise …
  3. promotion :commerce and Industry chamber  of oasis looking for increasing the local and international production by promotion in salons and markets
  4. helping tool :commerce and Industry chamber  of oasis    Includes developing process by organizing meetings …..ect.
  5. training days :Organizing formation days on commercial work needs for soft skills of employers
  6. formation :Organize training sessions for officers engineers in the automotive media, security and protection industry
  7. defend on chamber’s members rights  :By international collaboration and Corporate agreements with different chambers . reception businessman and organize meetings B TO B
  8. ADVANTAGES OF BEING PART OF THE CHAMBER :commerce and Industry chamber of oasis signed agreements for getting better prices in . insurance and housing domain for the members